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We know that quality, technology and environmental sustainability are the foundations of modern industry.


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In RF Lumber, we seek balance with the environment through the use of solar energy and reuse of byproducts generated from the sawmill.



plantaOur company RF Lumber was founded in 2007 as the most novel timber yard in Chile. Our starting point, after 8 years of business experience in the lumber yard industry, was the purpose of industrialize the sustainable use of native and exotic woods such as the Austral Pear tree, the Chilean oak, the Raulí, the Coigue and a wide range of different species of eucalyptus.

villarricaOur industrial plant is located in the city of Villarica in south central Chile where the largest area of native broad- leaved woodlands is. Over the last 100 years these forests that were in their early use of agricultural land and livestock have been reafforestated with the main species of the region. Thanks to our forests wealth and the cooperation with various vendors we are able to supply our industry. We control our raw material from its beginning and all along its development process to meet the legal and sustainability requirements set up. In the plant of 20,000 square meters equipped with the latest technology we produce over 6000 m3 of products annually.

prdoOur production is based on the requests of customers: different sizes, moisture contents of woods and different completions, depending on its future use (industrial, decorative, etc).

We have introduced our products in markets as demanding as the Japanese, the Spanish and the North American ones. We are in a continuous process of innovation in key areas of supply, production and marketing